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Installing TapChat

Note: TapChat is designed to be installed to an always-on internet-accessible server, so don't follow these directions on your laptop!
  1. Install dependencies

    $ curl -sL | sudo bash -
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm libsqlite3-dev build-essential
  2. Install TapChat

    $ sudo npm install tapchat -g
  3. Start and configure TapChat

    $ tapchat start
    Welcome to TapChat!
    Choose a port [8067]: 8067
    Choose a username: AzureDiamond
    Choose a password: hunter2
    Generating SSL certificate (this may take a minute)...
    Your SSL fingerprint is: 3C:87:62:4A:47:2C:5B:2B:AB:4A:4B:ED:23:F3:31:68:2B:2C:FF:4C
  4. Access the web interface by visiting https://your_ip_address:8067. Note that only secure HTTPS is supported. Select the option to save the automatically-generated certificate into your browser after verifying the fingerprint matches.

  5. Download and connect the Android app!

    Get it on Google Play

    You can also join the Android Beta so you'll always have the latest features.